The August Adventure

Myrtle Beach

In August we decided to go to Myrtle Beach. We went in the car and brought our devices and suitcases in the trunk and the rear seat. We passed a few states. We passed Delaware and Maryland. We stopped at the Marriott hotel in Virginia. We went into our room and we went to sleep. In the morning, I had my breakfast and we waited for our friends to come. Me and my family checked out of the hotel and went back to our journey. My dad drove us to Myrtle Beach. I passed only North Carolina and my destination was Dunes. I met my friends there at the condo. First, we looked around the condo and then we watched TV. I watched TV until 4:00 and then I got dressed and went to the beach. I was so excited to go in the water. So, I ran to my dad and watched the wave go on my feet. Then, I dug a big hole and we got water from the waves and put it in our buckets. Then we put all of the water in the hole. We put as much as we could. So it couldn’t absorb in the sand. We tried to find shells around the sand and put it in the hole to make a shell pool. We also made sand art with a stick or twig. Then,we finally went back to the condo. I took a shower and went to sleep. The second day I woke up I had cereal and chocolate milk for breakfast. I wore my swimsuit and life jacket, I got my pool wristband and I went to the pool. I got off the ladder and I was in 3 feet deep water. I kept walking and I stopped at 5 feet deep water which was the maximum amount of water.  I got off the ladder and asked my dad if we can go back to the condo. I took off my wristband and I took a shower and watched TV. In the evening, we went to the hot tub with our friends. It wasn’t hot because it was nighttime. My friend got a plastic cup and filled it up with the water dispenser. I found out that there were these little bricks on the edges of the pool on the floor. So, I got out of the pool and I had no life jacket on me and I tried to put my feet on the brick. But instead I nearly drowned because I missed the brick. My dad didn’t see me anywhere so he put his hands down in the water as much as he could to grab me and he saved me. I swam over back to my friend and we got water from the dispenser and we poured it on the dads’ heads so they can walk the prank. Then, we finally went to the condo again to take a shower and go to sleep. The third day I had my breakfast and I laid on the couch and watched TV. Then, we went to Walmart to get some groceries and food. After, the parents and I went to a seafood restaurant. I didn’t eat anything there but I had to go. Next, we went on broadway and we found the other side of Myrtle Beach. The kids about 2-4 years older than me went banana boating. My brother went jet skiing. The big kids did banana boating. My brother and my dad did parachuting. I was just throwing rocks into the water on the bench. Then, we went out of the beach and I wore my crocks and we walked to Krispy Kreme’s. The donuts were so good and I got to wear a Krispy Kreme’s hat on my head. Later, we went to a helicopter place called Ocean Front Helicopters. We waited on line and they asked for our last name. We said we have different families here. So we were the first on line so we said our last name was Olia. They needed to check our weight so we put our feet on the scale. We bought 3 headphones for the ride. So then we waited for our pilots and our helicopters. Then me, my dad and my mom were going to sit with me. My mom was in front with the pilot. Dad and me were at the back seats. We were the only ones wearing headphones because we forgot to buy it for everyone. We went so high and I saw the beach and I almost saw every part of South Carolina. After the ride, we took a picture and we bought it. We kept saying our friends’ first name and then saying our last name. Then we kept walking on broadway. Finally, we went back to our condo and do the same as the last 2 days. In the morning we checked out of the hotel to go to Tennessee. We drove to Tennessee and we put the code in for our apartment. We looked out the balcony and we found a sign and it said “No grills allowed”. So me and my dad and my brother and my uncle kept saying “No girls allowed”. Me and my friends went to the pool. My friend showed me the hot tub and it was too hot. I went in the pool and started walking around. When I came to the corner of the pool I broke my nail and it started bleeding a little. I came back to the apartment and my mom put a band-aid on it and it still hurt. It would bother me when I would walk. When I was sleeping I had to wear a  light blanket because a heavy blanket would hurt my toe. My brother’s friend came to my apartment to watch boxing so I had disturbance when I was trying to sleep. The next day we went to Ober Gatlinburg. Me and my friends and family went in a tram and it was so much fun. It’s like a flying subway that goes up and down. Then, I went to the Ober Gatlinburg festival. I first went on the trolly which is a flying seat. There was such a good view there. Then, me and my dad went on the roller coaster and I knew just where to take a picture. So, I looked at the camera and smiled. I bought the picture and I kept it with my dad. Then, I went on the alpine and it was so fun. I don’t remember a lot because it’s been a year since then. Then we went back on the tram. Finally, we went back to our apartment. The next day we had breakfast and then we went outside to meet up with our friends. We went to a ATV renting place called Mountain Life UTV Rentals, me and my friends rented a ATV. We drove to a big lake and I got off and we started throwing rocks into the water. But the parents said not to throw them. So, I went back into the ATV with my mom. They were giving out treats that I don’t like so I didn’t get any. We drove back to the rent house to give them back the ATV. I drove back to my apartment to wait for another day. The eighth day I went on a Smoky Mountains trail. I put bug repellent and sunscreen on my body. We started walking up the trail and I was happy of what we were doing. I kept walking and walking and about 5 minutes later my dad got a stick to hit a bear if there was one. I was starting to get a little tired so I started walking slower. Then, we kept walking and walking and then 5 minutes later the big kids admit that they saw a bear. I tried to see the Bear but the bear was startled so it ran away. After that we kept walking and walking and about 10 minutes later we see the big waterfall. It was little thin lines pouring water in to the big lake. We walked back to our car in about 10-20 minutes. We went to a Chinese restaurant and then we drove directly back to my real home. My favorite part in Myrtle Beach is when I made a shell pool with my friends. It was about 3 inches deep. It might be about 10 inches wide. The best part in Gatlinburg TN was The Ober Gatlinburg Amusement Park. It was so big that it could fit 12 buildings.