Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts during Hajj in 2019

  1. Don’t get involved in back biting and group discussions on an issue that is bothering you and your fellow pilgrims. The more you talk about it the more you will get distracted from your prayers and rituals. Also back biting about someone who pushed you or broke lines for food and toilet is only going to make you more upset if you start discussing it with others. Don’t get distracted if the food is cold or if you did not get some food item that you really wanted to eat but was finished by the time you reached there. Remember Hajj is all about tolerance and forgiveness.
  2. Try to rest as much as you can or whenever you get an opportunity to rest. Traveling and walking in crowd during Hajj will itself bring lots of challenges. So try to rest whenever you get a chance in between prayers or when you reach Muzdalifah or a day before the Hajj in Mina. If you don’t rest enough, you will break at some point as we all have our physical limits. Sometimes people get emotional in the spirit of doing more Salat or reading more quran which is all good and we should do as much as we can but we should not forget that we also need to fulfill the obligation of our bodies to rest and rejuvenate.
  3. Wear slippers or sandals that are comfortable and the ones that you have used before and tested. Don’t take brand new slippers and then start walking with it few miles a day. Initially you will get foot sores and you will not be able to recover from it as you will have to walk 5 times a day for Salat to Haram or Masjid and to travel from one location to the other to perform your rituals
  4. Wear light clothes before or after Hajj like shalwar Kurta suits, Taubs, T-shirt’s and lounge outwear. For ladies they will need to wear Abaya all the time when outside their rooms however wearing lighter clothes underneath will help from heat and sweating, Avoid wearing jeans as it may give you rashes under extreme hot weather
  5. When in the state of Ihram, use petroleum jelly in between your thighs and genital area. This will help in removing friction while walking. Trust me this is the most important advise among my do’s and don’ts. Walking without wearing your under garments in the state of ihram is bound to cause rashes if you do not apply the petroleum jelly in those areas of your body.
  6. Drink enough water and liquids to keep your self hydrated. Don’t worry about frequent restroom visits. You can easily get dehydrated without even realizing and once you are in that state, it is hard to recover quickly. You may collapse while walking or waiting for your turn on the train station. Most of the water we drink will be excreted through sweat and perspiration and there won’t be need to visit the restrooms frequently.
  7. Eat less and avoid heavy food like curries and biryanis during the days of Hajj. Food get spoiled very easily in heat so make sure to taste it first before feasting on it. Foods like instant noodles, banana and oranges are the best bet. Also avoid unpeeled fruits like plum , grapes and apples as those are more prone to bacteria and germs.
  8. Do take enough medicines from here like one to two prescriptions of antibiotics, pain killers, stomach medicine, bandages and skin ointments for cuts and fungal infection. Don’t forget taking your daily prescriptions particularly if you are on diabetes or blood pressure medications. There are pharmacy out there but you will need prescriptions for some of your medications.
  9. Don’t keep your valuables and extra cash with you during the days in Mina and Arafat. Your tour operator may arrange for collecting all your valuables a day before your travel to Mina and to return it after you are back from Mina. I suggest to take advantage of this service as it will make you feel relaxed to not have to worry about your valuables while you are in Mina or Arafat
  10. Avoid crowd as much as you can for example when leaving Haram after Salat, wait for at least half an hour for crowd to disperse. There are chances of getting caught in between the crowd on elevators and sometimes it can be deadly so be smart and give yourself enough time. Pick low peak hours for your visit to Jamarat e.g. right after Fajr prayers. If you are staying on the VIP camps in Mina then its very easy to be first group of people in Jamarat right after morning prayers. In Arafat avoid adventuring on to the mountains, you will get equal benefit whether you pray on the slopes of Arafat or within your air-conditioned camp. Move with your group instead of venturing alone in the crowd.

This covers our top 10 do’s and don’ts. Good luck with your 2019 Hajj pilgrimage.