Duas and Hadith

The Hadith of Belief (Al-Aymaan)

Qul aamantu billahi summas taqim. 
Muhammad (SAW) said “Say I believe in Allah and then be steadfast.”

The Hadith of Modesty (Al-Hayya)

Al hayya oo shuebatumminal iman
Muhammad (SAW) said “Modesty is a branch of faith.”

The Hadith of Virtues of Learning Qur’an (Fadhal taeleem Al-Qur’an)

Khayrukum man ta aelamalqur aana wa aelamah
Muhammad (SAW) said “The best amongst you is the one who learns Qur’an and teaches it”

The Hadith of Cleanliness (At-Taharr)

Attuhuru shatrul iman
Muhammad (SAW) said “Cleanliness is half of faith”

The Hadith of Following the Sunnah (At-Tabae Al-Sunnah)

Man attaa aeni dakhalal jannah
Muhammad (SAW) said “Whoever obeys me will enter Paradise.”

The Hadith of Prayers (As-Saluh)

Sallusaalata liwaqtihaa
Muhammad (SAW) said “Observe prayer at its prescribed time.”

The Hadith of Meals (Addab allakal)

Sammillaha wakkul biyaminik
Muhammad (SAW) said “Mention the name of Allah and eat with your right hand”

The Hadith of Drinks (Addab Al-Sharrab)

Laa yashra banna ahaddummin kum qaa iman
Muhammad (SAW) said “None of you should drink while standing”

The Hadith of Speech Ettiquettes (Al-Aadab)

Laa tasubbanna ahada
Muhammad (SAW) said “Don’t abuse anyone”

The Hadith of Importance of Greetings (Al-Amar Bafasha Al-Salam)

Afshussalama baynakum
Muhammad (SAW) said “Promote greetings amongst yourselves”

The Hadith of Importance of Dhikr (Af-Fadhli Al- Dhikir)

Af dhaludhikri la ilaha illala
Muhammad (SAW) said The best remembrance is: “there is none worth of worship except Allah.”