Picking Hajj Package

Save Thousands when picking Hajj Package

Going for Hajj is one of the major life expense for Muslims whether you live in Pakistan, India or in the US, Canada, UK or Australia. Many Muslims around the world spend their life savings for taking this holy journey.

When people look at the cost of some of the high-end packages they get overwhelmed and discouraged but in reality, you do not need to spend that much if your budget is limited. We will explain the drivers behind the Hajj package cost and if one is willing to give up on some of the amenities then picking Haj package that fits the budget is still possible.

  1. Pick Number of days that are most economical from a flight perspective. Fewer days may not necessarily be less expensive. If you have more time at your disposal, then going early and coming later than the rest of the pilgrims can actually save on the cost.
  2. Staying at apartment buildings in Aziziya versus a 5-star hotel near Haram can considerably reduce your Hajj package cost. Tour operators offering Hajj packages with a stay in Aziziyah normally offer economical packages that can fit your budget.  Staying in Aziziyah is not as convenient as staying near the Haram however it reduces cost and it’s still very manageable. At the end of the day, you are going for Hajj and if it requires taking a taxi or a shuttle service to reach Haram then it should not be a mission impossible.
  3. Staying at VIP Mina camp that is closer to Jamarat requires at least an additional $2000. However, if your budget is tight then you can very well stay at the regular North American camp. This may require some walk like an hour or so to get to Jamarat, but you will save significantly. It’s only three times that you will be taking this walk during your entire Hajj trip for doing Rami at the Jamarat and you will not be alone, there will be thousands of others walking along with you so it should not feel like a never ending walk.
  4. There are three to four options for transportation between Makkah and Madinah including Air, train, tour operator bus and private cars. Taking Bus is easily the most economical option and it’s not very inconvenient. Personally, I feel that taking the bus may be more convenient than going via air and the reason is that bus transportation is a door to door service. Passengers get picked and dropped at their hotel. Once on the bus, passengers can spend time sleeping and relaxing.
  5. Buffet Meals vs boxed meals can shoot the price up. Many tour operators offer lavish buffet meals with tens of dishes to choose from however this can increase the price of your package. If you are willing to give up on your food choices then a lunch box with some chicken biryani and salad should be enough to fill your appetite and can save you hundreds of dollars.
  6. Some tour operators are costlier than the others and it is because of the name they have established over the years in reliably delivering as promised and hence they charge a premium for their brand and name however there are a number of other reliable tour operators that may be less expensive than the top brands. Refer to our comparison of Hajj Packages offered by various tour operators in the USA.

If you are planning to take Hajj journey this year then talk to your tour operator about these options and see where you can save to fit your budget. Some of the things may be more important to you versus the others and by knowing what drives the cost of the Hajj package, can save you lots of money and make it possible to take this once in a lifetime journey sooner than later.