Pakistani American Diaspora obsession with Politics Back Home

Pakistani American Diasporas are the group of first-generation Americans who migrated to the US on family or employer-sponsored green cards and later converted and settled as US citizens. This generation of Pakistani Americans is living a life of confusion. While they live in America, they are more worried about the politics back home. They argue and debate with each other for hours on Facebook, WhatsApp, Online forums or when they meet each other in person for a family get together events.

Is America playing at the hands of ISIS ?

The latest terror plot in our homeland is a reaction to Xenophobia and Islamophobia, a polarized hate environment created by the unethical mainstream media organizations and selfish politicians who are wicked opportunist for their vested interest. Politicians and media have brain washed the minds of our citizens and young adults by selling lies and hate against American Muslims to gather votes.

Why Americans should not fear Mosques

Muslims is America hate organizations like ISIS and AlQaeda as much as any other American. We urge our non-muslims fellow Americans to read and study about Islam and Muslims instead of relying on mainstream media organizations and unethical politicians who are selfish and wicked opportunist for their vested interest. Xenophobia plays right into the hands of organizations like ISIS who want to see divisiveness in western society based on religion. Terrorist ideology can be fought by uniting against it and not by hate and discrimination against the fellow Muslim citizens. Americans need to stand up together as one body against any kind of hate and violent extremism.

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