Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is no Ertugrul Ghazi

  Turkish TV series “Resurrection Ertugrul” these days is a household craze in Pakistan and among the Muslim world around the globe. Recently Pakistani Prime Minter Imran Khan directed the state-run Pakistan Television aka PTV to televise the series with dubbing in Urdu. Once the series was televised it became an instant hit in Pakistan….

Role of Women in Islam

The theme for International Women’s Day 2019 is #BalanceForBetter focuses on striving together to build a gender-balanced society. While the world will join hands to strive towards the gender-balanced world we examine the role of women in Islam and how it aligns with gender equality.

“Fake News” term used to discredit True Criticism

Carelessly using the “Fake News” terminology to justify the discrediting and censorship of new channels and media outlets is counterproductive as it basically suppresses legitimate questions and criticism coming from the free press. In any democracy, diverse political views and opinions have an important role to play even if it doesn’t fit our confirmation biases. Shutting down someone if the views and new stories are not to one’s liking is basically insulting your own intellect.

Pakistani Boutique Brands – Status Symbol for Pakistani Americans

Over the past five years, Pakistani Women boutique brands have gained extreme popularity among the Pakistani expatriates around the world. Brands like Maria-B, Sana Safinaz, Agha Noor, J.Junaid Jamshed, Asim Jofa, Khadi and Tena Durrani are some of the popular Pakistani dress brands that are a topic of discussion in the ladies gathering these days….

Challenges faced by Young Muslims in America

Young Muslims in America belong to the generation of Americans who are most severely challenged in society due to various conflicts that exist between the Islamic proposed way of life versus the one that is adopted by their peer group in schools and college. They do not want to feel alienated and left out by not participating in the activities that are considered norms in the society however are not permitted as per the Islamic values and guidelines.

Halal Food, 20 billion dollar Industry in America

When I migrated to the US back in the 1990s, there were very few halal restaurants in the state of New Jersey. Oaktree Road in Iselin NJ was the only town or street where there were one or two India-Pakistani restaurants serving Halal food.

5 Things that American Muslim Parents of teenage kids are worried about

For Muslim parents to raise kids in America has its own challenges that can only be realized once their kids attain a certain age. While the kids are young it may be fairly straight forward affair as kids are typically under the influence of their parents. However as they grow up and reach a certain age they start challenging their decisions. There are certain things that are not acceptable to a Muslim Parent for their kids and those are the things that they are most worried about as their kids grow up into young adults.

Why Halal Meat is better ?

Halal means permissible. Anything that is permissible in Islam is referred as Halal. Islam like Judaism has mandated that animal for consumption be slaughtered by following certain guidelines as set by the religion.

Teenage American Muslims Hangout groups

Young Muslim hangout groups are a great alternative for Muslim youth in America to properly channelize their energies in positive manner along with entertaining themselves over the weekend in activities like sports, dine-outs and hanging out with the kids of their age group