Save Thousands when picking Hajj Package

Going for Hajj is one of the major life expense for Muslims whether you live in Pakistan, India or in the US, Canada, UK or Australia. Many Muslims around the world spend their life savings for taking this holy journey. When people look at the cost of some of the high-end packages they get overwhelmed and discouraged but in reality, you do not need to spend that much if your budget is limited

The FAQs on Hajj & Umrah

FAQs for Hajj covers the basic steps and rituals of Hajj along with different FAQ’s on Hajj packages and the significance of Hajj for Muslims

Comparison of 2019 Hajj Packages from USA

Below is the comparison of various Hajj Packages from USA in 2019. We have picked 5 different Hajj Tour Operator packages and compared them against various parameters that can be helpful in identifying the Hajj Package that best fits your needs and budget. 1 Dar el Salam Travel Starting Price No of Days Madinah or…