Top 20 Checklist for your 2021 Hajj trip from USA & Canada

Below are the top 20 checklist list of items for your 2021 Hajj trip from USA & Canada:

1) Ihrams and Belt –Minimum 2 pairs of Ihrams and Belt. One for your first Umrah and the other one for the Hajj days. You can have your Ihram dry cleaned by your Hotel dry cleaning service after the first Umrah and also use it for Hajj but again it would be good to have 1 extra Ihram for during the days of Hajj in Mina and Arafat.

2) A small prayer rug. Some tour operators will provide this as a complementary part of the package

3) Total 3 pairs of comfortable rubber or sponge slippers. These you will need for the days in Hajj and during Umrah. Slippers do get ripped apart due to a lot of walking and dampness after wudu so it’s better to carry 3 pair of slippers. You may also carry extra sandals or flip-flops for the other days during Hajj like when visiting Holy sites or shopping etc.

4) Shoe String bag to carry your slippers while in Masjid or Haram. You cannot leave your slippers in the shoe racks of masjid as its highly likely that you may enter from one gate but would have to exit from the other. Both the mosques are huge so it’s better to keep all your belongings with your self in that shoe string bag. Many tour operators would provide this as complementary item part of your package.

5) A Pocket-size holy Quran to recite whenever you get free time whether in Mina, Arafat or during your days in Makkah and Madinah. Its recommended to complete one Quran during the days of Hajj but even if you complete half or a quarter of it should be fine and having a pocket Quran with you all the time would be convenient and helpful in making that happen

6) Medicines – Carry all your prescription medications, antibiotics, stomach medicine, anti-fungal cream, cough medication, painkillers like Advil and Tylenol, bandages, Salonpas, Tums for Acid reflux and anti-allergy medication and a first aid kit.

7) Alcohol-free items – 3 to 4 Hand sanitizers (travel size), Soap and Shampoo and deodorants etc

8) Sunglasses & Umbrella – Its very bright and sunny in Saudi Arabia so its good to have your goggles on when outside. Folding umbrella will be needed when going to Arafat or returning back from Muzdalifah. Also, it will be handy in case you are traveling outside for holy site visits. Some tour operators will provide this as complimentary item part of your package

9) Backpack – This will be required for your 1 day trip to Arafat and Muzdalifah. Prepare it with necessary items including medications that you might need during those 24-30 hours while away from the Mina Camp. Many tour operators will provide this as a complementary part of the package

10) Sleeping Bag – Its good to carry a small hand size (under 2 pounds) sleeping bag for your trip to Arafat and Muzdalifa. This may come in handy if there are not enough rugs and mattresses available to sleep on the floor in Muzdalifa

11) Tooth Brushes, toothpaste and mouth wash – Keep both travel size for Arafat and Mina and small sized for your stay in Makkah and Madinah

12) Towel – A medium sized towel for your time in Mina and Arafat. You tour operator might provide a complimentary one but its good to have your own just in case.

13) Battery Operated neck hanging Fans – Look for the ones that are USB chargeable on Amazon. These come in handy when waiting in long lines on the train station in Arafat or Muzdalifah

14) Battery power station pack for charging of your mobile devices. 20 AMP is preferred

15) Universal Wall Chargers and USB Cables – Carry a couple of USB cables to charge your phones along with universal wall charger adaptors compatible for Saudi Arabia power outlets (110 – 220 v)

16) T-mobile Mobile service for unlimited Text and data. T-mobile offers unlimited service in over 100 plus countries including Saudi Arabia. Do not rely on local sims as sometimes it’s hard to get them or make them work. Your travel operator will provide the local sim card which you can use but its better to also get the T-Mobile service. Get a dual sim phone in that way you can use both your US T-mobile sim and the local sim.

17) Petroleum Jelly – This is a must for your days in Ihram as you will not be wearing anything underneath your Ihram cloth, the heat, sweat, and walking can cause friction on the skin resulting in skin rashes that would be hard to recover. So take a couple of travel-sized Petroleum jelly for your first Umrah and then during Hajj days and apply generously all around your thigh areas

18) Hand Carry spinner luggage – You need to carry a hand carry spinner luggage to keep your clothes and necessary essentials that you will need during your days in Mina and Arafat. Your luggage will be taken away from you, the day before the Hajj and therefore you need to make sure to have a decent size hand carry spinner luggage that fits all your essentials and you can easily drag when walking in the Mina tunnel during your transportation to and from Hotel to the Mina Camp.

19) Athletic Cool Cold Chill Wet Ice Microfiber Towel – This will be really handy when you are in Arafat or returning back from Muzdalifah to keep yourself cool during extreme heat while you are walking towards your bus or train station or waiting in long lines.

20) Mist sprayer fan or Manual mist sprayer – This will be really handy when you are in Arafat or returning back from Muzdalifah to keep yourself cool during extreme heat while you are walking towards your bus or train station or waiting in long lines.

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