Why Sunday Schools are important for Muslims kids in America

American Muslim kids who study at public schools are exposed to students from various backgrounds and religious beliefs. When your kid interacts with those students they may exchange views and beliefs that may be contradicting to Islamic values and education. Hence there is a great potential for your kids getting astray in his or her faith and values.

The secular education being imparted by Public schools may also sometimes conflicts with the religious teachings of Islam. It is therefore important that Muslim kids are constantly reminded of their religion, faith, and beliefs.

Sunday Schools are the best place to send your kids where they not only spend 3-4 hours every week, learning and seeking Islamic studies and Quran education but they also spend time interacting with other Muslim kids who come from a similar religious background and hence they create a positive influence on each other in a learning environment that is focussed on Islamic practices and values.

Muslim Communities in America should pay attention to building and supporting Islamic schools that are of good quality and can help in the upbringing of our next generation in a positive Islamic manner. Muslim kids not only need to learn about their religion but also on how to interact with their parents, elders, friends, and neighbors as they grow up into young adults and leaders of the future Muslim generation.