Adhan Muslim Prayer Clock

Desk Prayers Adhan Clock is a must for every American Muslim Home

Adhan Clocks are a great way to have a reminder about the prayer times for Muslim homes in America or in any Non-Muslim country around the world. Some may argue that why would one need a conventional clock in today’s age when Smartphones and watches can serve the same purpose. We will discuss some of the reasons how it helps in a way that regular smartphones may not.

While one may have the smartphone all the time, but sometimes smartphones are placed on vibration, so there is a possibility of missing the prayer Adhan. Sometimes you are in a bathroom and you do not want to have the Adhan played in that place.

Smartphones are tied to a person, so when one of the parents is not at home, then the kids are expected to miss the prayer announcement.

Smartphones are always close to oneself so there may be a tendency to mute it or snooze it while one is busy watching TV or on the phone and hence the rest of the family particularly kids at home may miss the announcement.

One may argue that you can also install the Adhan App on tablets, desktop or laptops but more often than not these devices are not statically placed at a central location. The portable devices are moved around the house and hence the Adhan announcement is not heard in other areas of the house if the device was left in a room.

The last option is to have some kind of Adhan App installed on a smart TV. This is a viable option but I’m not aware of any Adhan apps available on Smart TV at this point.

If you are living in a non-Muslim country and would like to hear prayer Adhan five times a day then using these Adhan Clocks is the best option. It helps creates an environment at home for kids and also for adults its a timely reminder to leave up the chores at home or wake up from the nap or sleep and perform wudu and Salat.

I would highly recommend these Adhan clocks. The one that I like the most is the Harmeen Muslim Desk Adhan Table Clock. These Adhan clocks look nice and can be placed in a living room or a central location so that it can be audible to everyone at home. Having the name of Allah and his prophet PBUH recited loudly brings its own blessings for your home and protects it from evils tidings.